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  • SHTF? Have One Of These Rifles

    Search for any online article that talks about which firearms you need to have in your SHTF survival armory, and almost all of them will note you need to include a military-style, semi-automatic rifle that has a large magazine capacity and can send a lot of lead downrange quickly.

  • Why Preppers Need To Learn The Art Of Sambo

    Sambo, an eclectic system of hand-to-hand fighting skills created by the Russian military in the early twentieth century for the sole purpose of destroying one’s enemies on the battlefield. It was the brainchild of two men, Viktor Spiridonov an accomplished freestyle wrestler, and Vasili Oschepov a judoka trained at the Kodokan by none other than […]

  • Run Through These Security Measures ASAP

    Between taking care of endless day-to-day responsibilities, work and family obligations and then trying to squeeze in some extra-curricular training, we all have a ton on our plate. Most of us still put in the effort and long hours to go above and beyond, ensuring we are prepared for the crises and disasters, great and small […]

  • What’s The Best AR-15 Magazine For You

    The AR-15 family of rifles is one of the most prolific and effective in the world. In the guise of the M16 rifle or M4 carbine it has served continuously as the U.S. armed forces issued rifle for over 50 years, and has been adopted by dozens upon dozens of other militaries around the world. […]

  • Best Edge For A Bushcraft Knife

    What is a Scandinavian grind? A scandi grind (or V grind) (commonly found in Scandinavian knives) is a wide flat bevel that runs to the edge of the blade. The image above shows the shape of a Scandinavian knife edge. The Scandi doesn’t begin tapering until closer to the edge. There is no secondary bevel. […]