Reviewing Your B.O.B.

A packed BOB features prominently into most preparedness lore and the individual plans of many preppers themselves. That bag of tricks and tools is akin to your ejection seat or parachute when disaster is looming: grab the handle and go, no fuss, no muss, no scrambling to make ready.

And so most BOBs will sit or lie, packed and ready with all manner of equipment and provision, food and water included, for long periods of time. They wait for that fateful day to arrive even though we hope it never does. Our BOB’s will sit, and sit, and sit; that’s the idea, right?

Yes, but. BOBs and their contents are often neglected when it comes to preventative maintenance checks, and that will wind up biting many a prepper on their butt. In this article, we’ll be looking at the things you should be doing to keep your BOB and its contents in tip-top shape so it is ready to serve in the event that you need to get out of Dodge City.

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