Prep For Your Teeth

Dental emergencies are often more painful than they are medically serious. This only holds true however if you live in a western country with good access to healthcare. If there comes a point in the future where emergency dental treatment is no longer an option for you, it’s imperative you have a dental emergency plan in place.

Untreated dental problems can be so painful they become debilitating, i.e. you cannot function on important tasks, and eating a sleeping become a struggle. You only get two sets of teeth in your lifetime, so obviously you will want to be taking good care of your teeth now to avoid dental problems in the future.

There are some scenarios however where even good oral hygiene and care can’t protect you. Any trauma to the mouth or face could damage a tooth, gum or the underlying nerve root and bone. Despite the fairly wide range of issues you could face from injury to infection, there are a few basics that should be in every prepper’s emergency dental kit.

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