Putting Your Bug Out Bag To The Test

As a prepper, your bug out bag is the most vital piece of equipment you own. It’s your lifeline when SHTF, or in any disaster. This is why it’s very important to know your BOB, and what it’s capable of.

A big mistake that many preppers make with their bug out bags, is not testing them out. Imagine actually having to use your BOB, and finding out that you failed yourself when you picked it out.

This is why testing your BOB is imperative. Prepping alone is a stressful hobby to do, but having the added confidence in your BOB (and BOB plan) can alleviate some unnecessary stress. While you don’t have to go on a long expedition to test your bag, it’s recommended. You should train like it’s real life, that way when real life situations happen, you’re ready.

A lot of people will pack their BOB in the comfort of their own home and then put it on to “test the weight”. This is a critical mistake with BOBs, because they are not really feeling the long-term effects of the weight over long distances or extreme terrain. After you pack your BOB, you’ll want to plan a hike to really test how well your BOB works.

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