Building Your Indoor Greenhouse

You don’t need enough space for a full-size greenhouse to kick start a growing your own groceries plan. Even if you are an urban prepper or a suburban survivalist, you have enough space to get seeds started indoors to develop plants to cultivate crops outdoors (or continue growing indoors) in the spring.

Greenhouses provide two essential things all seeds need: sunlight and humidity. You can create the same conditions indoors on a shoestring budget if you get a little clever with your approach. Soaking the seeds overnight might be part of the planting instructions on the seed packet. Read the instructions carefully and do not skip and steps for the sake of expediency.

Greenhouse in a Bag

This is a great hands-on growing project to do with the kids – and it is not the least bit messy. Simply put up to three seeds in a quart freezer bag with well-dampened cotton balls. Press the bag closed and hang it in a window that gets decent sun throughout the day.

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