SHTF? Have One Of These Rifles

Search for any online article that talks about which firearms you need to have in your SHTF survival armory, and almost all of them will note you need to include a military-style, semi-automatic rifle that has a large magazine capacity and can send a lot of lead downrange quickly.

There are many serious reasons to own such a rifle aside from aesthetics and tactical weaponry, however. Let’s discuss what some of these reasons would be, and then outline the top five best models to own.

Why Own a Semi-Automatic Rifle?

The main reason to own a semi-auto rifle is to defend your home and family against mobs, looters, or multiple attackers. Bolt action or lever action rifles have long range capabilities, allowing you to engage targets at extreme distances. They also have a slow rate of fire and reloading time. Shotguns are great for close range home defense, but they suffer from a slow rate of fire, not to mention high recoil. Finally, while pistols have a larger capacity and faster reload, they are less powerful than rifles.

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