Keeping Warm In The Wild

No matter if you are lost, camping, trekking, bugging in, bugging out or just trying to survive, a top priority is to stay warm. If you don’t, truly nasty things like hypothermia can set in wrecking a well laid plan. How do you avoid that happening to you? Check this list and see if you are able to add a few ideas to your bag of tricks for keeping warm!

Ways to Use Gear to Stay Warm

Getting dressed is the first basic line of defense. That defense is built on zones and layers. Try to create air pockets between the layers so that you can have different heating zones. As your body heat escapes, the zones trap the warmer air and that works to keep you warmer. If you do this well, with high quality clothing, it is much easier to get warm and stay warm even from just your own body heat.

Layers mean just that, have a few of them on when the weather turns colder. This may mean carrying extra clothes in the day if the night temps are going to drop. As you get cold, put layers on, as you get warm the layers can come off … think of it like a thermostat for your body, always adjust so that you can be at your best. It also means think about the fabrics you wear. A premium is on breathable, quick drying and compact.

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