Surviving A Pandemic

Of all the threats to safety a prepper may face, one of the most insidious and frightening is that posed by viruses and bacteria on a massive scale. Unforeseen, invisible, unforgiving and difficult to defend against, a widespread, transcontinental outbreak, or pandemic, is a nightmare brought to life.

You should know that pandemics, when compared to other “doomsday” scenarios, are shockingly common, and very, very good at wiping out humanity where they take hold. A quick history lesson will provide ample and gruesome evidence of germ-borne mass death all throughout our time on earth.
Sobering and chilling stuff, to be sure.

Is there anything a prepper can do to stop the silent, invisible onslaught of these microscopic killers? The answer is yes, and in this article we’ll be taking a deep dive into the lurking threat posed by potential pandemics, and give you the tools and knowledge you need to keep your family and yourself free from infection and a slow, hideous death.

What Exactly Are We Dealing With?

A pandemic is a widespread, rapidly spreading outbreak of infectious disease that crosses international borders. Pandemics can of course strike humans, but can also affect animals and plant life. Pandemics affecting animals, especially mammals, rate special concern as it is often viruses that infect other mammals that will jump the gap to humans.

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