Crossing A River Without A Bridge

The ability to get across a river without the use of a bridge is a critical survival skill that needs to be practiced repeatedly. Even experienced hikers, doing everything right, can get into trouble when crossing a river. In a SHTF scenario, bridges along the route to your BOL may be guarded or destroyed and crossing a river without one when you’ve not practiced it can be fatal.

Drowning deaths are more common than many people think and fatalities as a result of crossing a river outweigh deaths by snake bite each year in the United States. Most people take time to learn about dangerous snakes in their area and what to do to stay safe, but they don’t think about all the skills and dangers involved with crossing a river without a bridge until it’s too late.

Whether you are hiking or in a SHTF scenario, there are several things you need to know about crossing a river without a bridge.

Do NOT Cross a River…

  • Following a snowfall that was particularly heavy or when one occurred later than usual during the season.

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