The Best Truck Rifles For You

In plain terms, a truck rifle is any general purpose rifle that you keep in your truck or vehicle at all (or most) times, so that you’re always protected. They can be used for hunting, target shooting, besides their obvious life-saving purpose.

While it may not necessarily be the most valuable rifle in your possession (as a matter of fact, it shouldn’t), or even your personal favorite, the truck rifle is one that you can leave and forget in the back of your vehicle.  Pun intended, because you shouldn’t really forget about it, as you’ll need a fast reaction time when you reach out for it in an emergency.

Moving forward, we’ll highlight certain qualities these rifles should have, and then discuss five separate rifles that meet them, which should help narrow your choices.

Qualities a Truck Rifle Should Meet

Not every rifle is suitable as a truck rifle. In fact, most rifles aren’t.

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