Prepping At An Old Age

Prepping with senior citizens poses some challenges, and may benefits as well. An elderly person may no longer be able to physically contribute heavily to the manual labor required on a sustainable prepper retreat, but her or she possess decades of knowledge and skills that can help guide the physical, mental, and emotional preparedness of the family to enhance their overall chances of survival.

Determining what exactly defines a senior citizen can be a bit tricky. Gone are the days when a grandma was always a little old woman with gray hair. Today, thanks to modern medicine and the increased longevity of our population, many mamaws and papaws are exceptionally physically fit and leading extremely productive lives – chopping wood is a breeze for some men well into their sixties. A group of riding grandmas at a horse camp I frequent are still saddling their own horses and hitting rugged trails even though some are now at least 70 years old!

But, not every senior citizen has been blessed with ample good health. Life will not be easy during a long-term disaster, and it will likely be substantially harder for the very old and people with disabilities.

This article will address the prepping needs of three different types of senior citizens: the “I’m not ready for the rocking chair yet, but I don’t run three miles a day on the treadmill anymore either,” crowd, relatively healthy and mobile senior citizens who will ride out the apocalypse with their self-reliant loved ones, and the elderly who live in a nursing home who will have to make it on their own until a loved one can reach them after the SHTF.

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