Homemade Penicillin

You probably know this, but penicillin is the best known antibiotic in the world. It has a long history of use before the times of modern medicine and is still used in hospitals today. It was officially discovered in 1928 by Alexander Fleming in the UK.

Although it had been used for centuries before this by ancient Greeks, Egyptians and others, they could not identify or separate the compound which cured the disease. In the spring of 1942 the first patient to be treated for septicemia was treated with US made penicillin and this used up 50% of stock available at the time. Just a few years later near the end of the Second World War, the US had to produce 2.3 million doses in preparation for the D-Day landings.

If you were ever stranded in the wild far from civilization and need to make your own penicillin then the following methods can be used.

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