Sleeping During Crisis

Sleep is essential to performance. Don’t think so? It doesn’t matter what you think. Your “sleep debt” must be paid one way or another, or your body and mind will start to suffer in increasingly awful and deleterious ways. How long you can cheat your body’s sleep requirements varies, and depends on your health and conditioning among many other factors.

In general, though, that debt will get paid, and it will behoove you to not fall too far in arrears lest your mind and body submit against your will. It may seem crazy to talk about getting a good, restorative night (or day) of sleep in the same breath as surviving a dangerous crisis, but you had better believe it will become a factor of much ado in anything but the shortest term events.

In this article, I’ll discuss the basic elements your body needs to get some good z’s, and techniques you can use to help you get them. Your environment, sleeping arrangement and more all play a part in getting you tucked in. So buck up, stop nodding, and keep reading.

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