Building A Barrel Water Filter

Rain is like manna from heaven. All life here on our lovely planet requires water to live, and lots of it. Just like planet earth, our bodies are mostly water, so ya gotta have it. Most people are tapped in to their city water and they are comfortable with that. But the best water is deep in the ground, not to mention what will they do if something were to happen to that water supply?

I remember being a kid at my grandparents place, or their friends and family’s farms, and there was always a hand pump behind the house. The water that came out of there was so cold and refreshing. On a hot summer day, after fishing or just running around in the woods, I went straight for that over pops or iced tea.

I also remember my grandparents and my uncle having rain barrels on the corners of their houses or sheds. They used that water on their gardens, because being rainwater it was clean and free of the chemicals and impurities that you get in your tap water (They keep the tap water within the legal limits though, mmmm, refreshing, huh?).

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