Is Homesteading Your Best Bet?

Homesteading and prepping are not the same thing, not exactly anyway, but they definitely can and should be linked. Homesteaders and preppers stockpile food, are focused on making available and conserving resources, understand what living off grid truly means, and strive to be self-reliant both now and well into the future…whatever it may bring.

We began as small town preppers. Our goal was always to buy a little bit of land to enhance our survival preparedness on all levels. It took only one nearly two week power outage for us to grasp our town prepping had taken us as far as it could, and that, dear readers, was not far enough to ride out the mini apocalypse as well as we would have liked.

The experience was enough to convince my beloved husband to put our rental properties on the market, and buy more acreage than we had originally anticipated and go all in as homesteading preppers.

After lengthy and intense searching, reviewing, and property designing, we found our dream land, 56 secluded acres with one natural water source, a robust well, a natural spot to put in a pond, a home situated out of view about half a mile from the road, plenty of pasture and good growing plots, and surrounded by hills.

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