How To Prep For A Tornado

Tornadoes are frightening and dangerous weather phenomena, capable of appearing out of a thunderstorm in moments, wreaking total destruction, and vanishing just as quickly. Tornadoes can happen anywhere on earth, but are most common by far in the U.S., especially in the Midwest and South.

The storms themselves are dangerous, and dealing with the aftermath can be harrowing. In this article we’ll take a look at these awe-inspiring twisters, learn more about their formation and the threat they pose and then detail some life saving procedures you should use to make sure you survive the next time the sky is dark and you hear that freight train sound coming.

What Are We Dealing With?

A tornado is defined as “a violently rotating column of air that extends from a thunderstorm to the ground and is often, though not always, visible as a funnel cloud.”

Often spawning out of violent spring and summertime storms, tornadoes carve a swath of destruction across the countryside. How long and how wide that swath is depends on the intensity of the tornado.

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