Defending Your Survival Homestead

Home and perimeter defense should be at the foundation of your survival plan , no matter how large or small your prepper retreat or bugout location.

The first step in developing a perimeter defense plan is not doing a little math to figure out how much fencing must be purchased. Nope, first you need to clearly outline what you must defend.

That might seem like a pretty straight forward concept, but each little details not only matters, but impacts the “how” part of the prepper retreat or bugout location perimeter defense plan – and your survival.

Think of perimeter defense like a winding row of dominoes. If one falls, all the rest will as well.

What each prepper needs to protect will vary depending upon the acreage, terrain, and location associated with the bug-in location. Writing down everything that you want to keep alive and protected, will help put it all in perspective and serve as the foundation of your perimeter defense plan.

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