How To Trap Small Game

One of the most important tests of someone’s survival skills is whether they can consistently provide food for themselves in the wilderness. Although a knowledge of edible and medicinal plants, fruits and roots is important, in long term survival scenarios and particularly during winter, when plant foods are scarce, survival is going to depend on a mastery of effective methods of taking birds, mammals and fish as food.

Nowadays part of your survival preparedness might include firearms training and a stock pile of ammunition and weapons but long before humans used firearms traps were an effective way of getting food. Even nowadays traps are an incredibly effective tool. As a game keeper by trade I have used traps to effectively catch thousands of animals for pest control purposes.

I operated a trap line, as a deer farmer and conservation ranger, in New Zealand catching non-native possums to reduce the damage to native woodland habitats and prevent the possums from eating native bird eggs, they were also an excellent source of fur for clothing and it is now common practice to blend possum fur with wool in the production of socks, sweaters and other clothing. Possum were surprisingly good eating too.

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