How To Evade Gunfire

A common topic of conversation from people who are considering how best to avoid getting hot lead put to them is movement, specifically running. When it comes getting shot, or rather not, best practices are encouraged, so it is only natural that concerned people will want to know what the best technique is for avoiding gunfire.

The most commonly advocated variations on “run like hell” include zig-zagging, running at an angle away from the shooter and running in a crouch. Opinions vary wildly, but the only opinions that we should really be giving credence to come from professional gunslingers in on line of work or the other. Not hobby shooters, not internet wannabes and certainly not videogamers. Your go-to best solution may be dictated by the situation you find yourself in, but in general we are looking for techniques that are our best bet 90% of the time. That technique may surprise you. Read on to find out more.

Understanding the Threat

Whatever broader scenario you find yourself in, the specific threat is the same: guy with a gun, wants to shoot you. You, if you are sane, don’t want to be shot. Getting shot will result in a grievous, often life-altering wound, and will kill will obvious regularity. For professionals, getting shot will severely impede your chances of mission success. Sources close to me also confirm getting shot hurts like an SOB much of the time.

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