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Typically when I write an article I am writing based on my own experiences. Yes, believe it or not I actually live or have lived the things I write about! My grandparents were sharecroppers that lived eight people in a four room house on a farm with no running water until the late 1970’s and I loved spending my summers there when I was young.

Even when my dad finally hooked up running water for his parents and gave grandma a washing machine and real kitchen sink we still had to go to the outhouse to take care of business. Grandma always had a vegetable garden and canned her home grown veggies as well as sewed her clothes and made quilts.

My other grandparents came from similar backgrounds. My mother’s mother actually lived in a farm house when she was young during the depression. When they swept the kitchen floor the odd bits of food would fall through cracks in the floor boards going under the house where the chickens would gobble it up.

All of the clothes they wore were handmade, just as the patchwork quilts on their beds were made from scraps of material left over from making clothes. After decades of experience my grandmother made the most beautifully intricate patterns in her handmade quilts.

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