Building Your Permaculture Garden

One of the key elements of survival is being able to gather or produce food. In any SHTF situation food needs to be produced without the inputs like electricity, fertilizer, and pesticides that modern agriculture relies on. The easiest way to do this is through permaculture.

To start your very own a permaculture garden is to create a “hidden” garden that mimics a natural ecosystem. It requires no almost outside inputs and is self sufficient and sustainable in terms of weed suppression, pollinator attraction, fertility, and water.

This is done by incorporating elements that would be found in a natural setting such as stones, native plants and weeds, perennials, trees, and even fish and animals all mixed together. There’s different species growing side by side and plants of all different heights and structures.

The combining of these elements will help you grow food nearly maintenance free just as plants grow in the natural world. No digging, no commercial garden products, little or no watering, and little weeding will be needed to care for your garden. It will look and function like a forest.

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