Using Your Flashlight For Survival

A flashlight is a ubiquitous and vital tool to help overcome one of man’s most glaring weaknesses- our poor night vision. I’ll bet dimes to dollars there is not a single reader of this article that doesn’t have a flashlight at home or in your vehicle, and any prepper worth their salt will have one in their EDC, have at least a couple in their BOB or cached with their supplies wherever they store them.

When you need to see in the dark a trusty flashlight is often the first thing you should reach for. From all-night hikes to exploring a large structure with no power, flashlights push back the shadows. But is that all they are good for? Are there other uses for flashlights besides general illumination and shadow puppets?

Yes, and it pays to know them! From multi-purpose hacks that help you store gear more efficiently to field and survival uses you might not have thought of, a quality flashlight adds significant capability to any savvy survivor. In this article I’ll shine some light (sorry) on lesser known or utilized techniques you can use with your flashlight and tips to help you maximize its inclusion in your BOB. Read on to find out what they are.

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Knowledge is the key to survival, without it you don’t stand a chance!

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