Surviving A Dog Attack

The CDC documents just under 5 million dog bites annually in the United States. Over 800,000 of dog bite victims annually will require medical attention, nearly 400,000 of those victims are children. Up to as many as 34 people have died annually as a result of a dog bite. Even with the laws today about leashing your dog, there are still plenty of dogs that run free no matter where you live.

Though you can be attacked by a dog on any day, think of what will happen to dogs when SHTF? Many dogs will be left behind when their owners die or when their owners leave in a panic in an attempt to save themselves and their children. Other dogs, who may have been strays but were being fed at least occasionally by the kindness of strangers, will now be left to find their own food.

What You Need to Know

Upon initial confrontation, all dogs want to know three things, who you are, why you are in their space, and who is in charge. Knowing how to act when confronted by a dog may be the one thing that can prevent the dog from attacking you or at least minimize your injuries.

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