Freeze Drying Or Dehydrating Your Food?

Stocking up on long-term storage food is one of the building blocks of any survival plan. It all begins with growing and raising your own groceries – and ends with preservation. Sure, you could invest thousands of dollars into long-term food storage buckets (and you should supplement your edible stockpile with them) but freeze drying, dehydrating, canning, and smoking the food you cultivate yourself is a far more economical option.

I doubt even newbie preppers fail to grasp the difference between canning, smoking, and dehydration methods of food preservation. But, many preppers, newbies or not, are still a little foggy about the difference between freeze dried and dehydrating crops and meat to preserve it.

What Is Freeze Dried food?

Freeze dried food is preserved through a flash frozen process. The food is then stored inside of either an airtight container or a vacuum pouch. The moisture in freeze dried food dissipates far more rapidly during the preservation process than it does when being dehydrated.


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