Where Are Your Guns Kept?

For gun owners, secure storage of your firearms is both essential for asset protection and is also an ethical consideration. Your guns are your responsibility whether or not they are on your person. Losing guns to theft is infuriating, as they will go on to fuel criminal enterprise if sold or are used in commission of other crimes.

Tragedies happen regularly when children, other family members or guests in the home discover a loaded gun unattended. Both of these events can be avoided, or at least their chances of occurring greatly reduced with the use of safes or clever storage. Below we will look at considerations for selecting and emplacing safes, as well as ideas for stashing guns to keep them hidden from thieves, or just well out of the way of unauthorized users.

Preventing Theft and Tragedy

In 2016, the FBI recorded 1,515,096 instances of burglary in the United States. That is about 4,150 per day. Burglary rates are falling, but still remain a valid concern wherever you may live, and guns are high-value, easy to carry items for thieves. It will obviously do no good to leave guns in the “usual places”: nightstand or office desk drawers, the very top shelf of the closet, or in a nice presentation gun cabinet. Any typical area will be searched by even the most rookie thief.

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