Staying Dry In The Wild

Most people I know prefer to hike on days when the weather is clear and calm, and I have to admit when I think of bugging out, I almost never imagine that it’s pouring down rain when I have to set out on foot. But what if it is?

What if the weather doesn’t cooperate for that 3-day hike you’ve been planning for a month? What if when it comes time to bug out, your area is being dumped on by Mother Nature in addition to whatever other emergency is happening at the time?  The rest of this article is devoted to how to stay dry when hiking or bugging out because we all know that keeping dry and warm can often have a huge impact on your ability to survive a situation if you find yourself stranded.

The Terminology

One of the first things I think is important to understand, if you don’t already, is the terminology and labeling that comes into play when we’re talking about staying dry. There are three main terms used to label the ability of gear or clothing to stay dry or keep you dry.

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