Surviving After An EMP Attack

Let’s face it, when SHTF, your choice is to bug in or bug out. For those who are already in a more rural or isolated location, bugging in makes sense. But for those in an urban environment, or even those who live just outside a large city, the need to bug out at some point after SHTF is a real possibility. Of course, the ideal way to bug out is in a vehicle and thus it’s what most preppers plan to do. But what if the event that causes the S to hit the fan is an EMP?  How does that change your bug out plans? Have you already thought of ways to get around after an EMP?

1. EMP Resistant Vehicles

There’s no doubt that bugging out on wheels is the ideal method when SHTF. And for those who can plan way ahead, EMP-resistant vehicles are a good option. Although there is still some controversy over how much the electronics in vehicles will be affected by an EMP, it’s probably smart to take a better safe than sorry approach with your BOV.

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